Mystery Font - Not Working but working ??

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Hello Everyone,
This font
is giving me a big headache :)

As you can see on the image in the website the font is not working (looks like it is writing over and over again on the same line as you see on that image). I am using a mac and, after converting it in .otf it works shows up fine in fontbook BUT it works only on mail and not on word, pages and others.

This is very weird as I never found a font working in some programmes and not on others. Is there any way to fix this ?
I am very thankful for your kind help


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it works on textedit too but not on pages, word, or anywhere else. How can it be that it works on textedit but not in other programmes ? :( thanks for your help

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Hi David, Open it in a font editor and try regenerating it as a font - that may resolve your issue.

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The problem is broken vertical metrics data in the font. Specifically, the hhea table has ascender, descender and linegap all set to zero.

This is easily fixed by opening it in FontLab, then overriding the "custom metrics" with automatically calculated ones, and regenerating the TTF.

Now, I would not want to bet on the font working in other respects; given it being badly broken in this regard, other problems seem likely.



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