Simpro Logotype

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Hmm... I can't see it here.

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Maybe next time just try using ONE thread instead of making a new thread each and every time?

BTW...I can't see anything either.

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I posted a jpeg exported from Illustrator.

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It loads and loads then shows a red x.

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I will try to upload again!


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hmm, the face is nice. its the same as the one used in the uk national lottery logo, no? but what's its name?lottery

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what is the logo about???

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It's nice. I imagine you'll have a different setting for "SOLUTIONS"
when it's reproduced at a smaller size, no? It's already tough to read
at 4x1 inches.

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Is this a medical or biotech company? That's what the color
and the 'molecule' shapes make me think of.

(Your image shows up fine in Safari/Mac. What exactly did
you post?)

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That's FF Cocon by Evert Bloemsma, designer of the
much-praised FF Avance (2000) and FF Balance (1993).

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