Now that's a logo!

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You can't do this with an alphabet:


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Hi guys. Didn't see this thread until now. Nice observations and comments from you non-Chinese!

I think the whole design is horrible! A totally stereotypical, 'Chinatown' approach: red Chinese zeal, pictographic character complete with a supposedly 'calligraphic' typeface! Yikes! There's simple nothing new about it.

There's much more to Chinese culture than zeals and calligraphy. We're in the 21st century, man! Everything about this identity is clich

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Rodolfo, thanks for pointing out that link - I'm not familiar with Paul Haeberli's work, but found a working link here:

I followed a similar process at first - digging through hundreds (maybe thousands) of glyphs looking for characteristics that might match a Latin alphabet. In the end, however, I ended up redrawing and reinterpreting the forms myself. (A dangerous thing to do, without knowing what some of the shapes might mean!) I've been meaning to have a native Japanese reader look over the font before formally releasing it, to ensure that there's not anything overly offensive embedded in it.

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I was wondering this same thing, Nick, thanks for asking. And as I'm not amongst the group of non-latin type design cognoscenti, this is really interesting to me.


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