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Hey everyone,

I’m working on polishing a logotype for a client and could use your help pointing out any areas to clean up. I’m rather new at modifying type. The original face is Fling.

Also, I’m looking for the right serif to use for body copy with this, hopefully something that’s classy and modern but maybe with some feminine character. Hopefully with a nice small cap variation.

Thanks for your help!

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As far as body copy goes have you looked at Constantia?

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As far as clean up goes I’ll take it I’m doing okay, you all are normally a pretty vocal bunch! Thanks for the recommendation Eleanor, I hadn’t considered it since I’m not yet real familiar with Constantina. (I’m normally on a Mac using Pages).

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areas to clean up:

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Archer might be perfect for body copy here. It's friendly and elegant with a slightly feminine character.

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