Can you suggest a suitable typeface??

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I am making a graphic design website for myself and using the letters 'Y' and 'K' from my name to make a logo.

I want the slants of the 'Y' and 'K' to match up so that the logo can open up when pressed and reveal the different options that can be pressed. The options themselves will be separated with '/' signs which match the 'Y' and 'K'.
Please see attached picture for example. (Though obviously I want to use a much nicer typeface than the one from the e.g.).

Do you know of a typeface that has a caplock 'Y' and 'K' (and '/') that relate to each other in this way?
I prefer not to use an italic if possible.
If need be I can use a lower case 'y' and 'k'.

Thanks for your help.


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Why don’t you just draw it?

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Hi, Thanks for reply!

I could...but I want to use the entire font for all promotional material and would be easier if I found an existing one.

I found 'Avantis BQ Bold' - But I dont like it all that much.

If you know of others let me know...


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