A great serif - forgotten name!

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Trying the find the name of the serif typeface used in the link below (i.e. so not Futura which is also used). I have seen it a few times and even took a note of the name once - but have lost this, so has been really frustrating me. What makes it tricky is that it is obviously a pretty bold variant of the typeface (assuming two weights up from the regular/roman weight). But I am sure it is a relatively common typeface. Anyway, any help is much appreciated. I am normally very good at identifying so will try and help other posts.


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Yes! That's the one - thank you very much! Planning on using for a identity/branding project right now so that saved me a load of time, thanks!

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Bad news is that rumors say it isn't purchasable. Good news is if you have an old CorelDraw CD: it lives there under the name Grizzly BT, they say.

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Oh thanks. That is pretty weird eh? Looks like you just can't buy it. Luckily I have it on a font disk (just a large collection of many fonts, perfectly legit of course)

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On my computer Grizzly BT is a Sans and on a old Power Computing Font Disk I have GrouchBT - confused?

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You are certainly right, Bob. I confused Grizzly with Grouch in the posting of Mike. My bad. Thanks for the correction.

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