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My name is Gale and I am new to this forum but I have been a fan of Typophile for a long time.

I am using Fontographer 4.7, for Mac OSX, to create a new typeface based on an existing typeface but with a radically different letter "E."

The new typeface works great - except for one thing, the word spacing.

I have researched and read various documents online. I have tried importing the metrics but nothing seems to change the extremely wide word spacing.

This is how I created the font. I created the new "E" in Illustrator. I copied and pasted it into a new Fontographer file. I saved the .fog file. Then, I opened the existing typeface which it is based on and copied and pasted each of the characters, one by one, into the new .fog file. I cannot remember whether I opened the Truetype font file or the suitcase.

I exported the file as both Postscript Type 1 for Mac and Truetype for PC.

When I tried it, the word spacing was HUGE. However, the kerning and letterspacing seemed just fine!

So, I re-opened the .fog file of my new typeface and imported "all metrics" of the original typeface upon which my new typeface was based.

It didn't work. The word spacing of my new font was the same.

So I created a new .fog file and before I copied anything into it, I imported the metrics of the original typeface. Then, I copied and pasted the new "E" and a few other characters to test it out. The resultant word spacing was worse than before.

So... I would be most appreciative if somebody would kindly give me some advice.

Thank you.


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Did you try changing the advance width of the space glyph? (That is the glyph before "!", in Fontographer's font window).

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Thank you very much for responding! No, I haven't tried "changing the advance width of the space glyph" but I will try that and post a reply whether or not I succeeded. I'm an embarrassed and grateful novice.

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Thank you for your much appreciated advice, dberlow. Your suggestion worked perfectly. I determined the width of the space glyph in the original font and changed that of the new font to match it.


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You are welcome.

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