Here we go Again

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Lately, I have been a bit frustrated with my type design ideas and it's something I believe everyone in this forum faces from time to time so I don't feel so bad.

Recently a fellow Typophile called my latest 'entry' for critique as having a 'me too' kind of feel. I agree 100% with this person's comment so I didn't take it as a 'sign' that I should quit or anything like that (besides, i'm certain he at no point suggested I should do such a thing).
I guess I realized I needed to 'open up' and experiment a little more. So i'm trying to do just that .

Now I've always thought of this forum as a way of calibrating my technique as a designer and as a typographer. So I submit this letter 'n' I've been working on in hopes of finding out wether my idea is sound or am I going a bit overboard. Sometimes I 'fall in love" with a particular glyph and don't know when to stop.

Your input would be greatly appreciated

Experiment 2 (23.3 k)

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one more time

My apologies for the multiple posts

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I think this has a lot of character, and potential to be a really interesting face. I think it's general structure is sound, but the details you've carefully drawn make it interesting and unique. I would suggest you dive into it and see what happens, how the face might function, if there are interesting ways to build it to fit a purpose.

Rock it


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Very interesting glyph. I think you should question yourself what it is going to be used for: display or text? From this decision start developing the other characters.
At the moment it is quite condensed so it might be good for headlines.

Keep at it

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