"Shine font" inspired by the 2005 CGI-animated film "Robots".

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Hi everyone!

I recently finished this font (which I've named Shine) based on a typeface briefly seen in the 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky Studios animated movie 'Robots.' I assumed the font was only made for the two phrases seen in the film and was not rendered as a complete character set. Using a few screen shots from the movie I proceeded to draw them all by hand. Yes, on paper! Having to design about half the characters myself. Then scanned them and used my rather primitive (but still much loved) HP Image Zone program to complete them.

Note: a better resolution image of the character map can be found here:

Shine font regular character map.png258.29 KB
Shine blue.PNG190.97 KB
You can shine.PNG42.34 KB
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Nice. I would've added some dots to numerals too.

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Actually I did try that. But decided to leave the numbers without dots mainly because the "g" and "9" would have looked the same. I didn't want to have so many dots that it became overwhelming so put them within the letters only.

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Shouldn’t this thread be moved to this board, especially this one?.

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Done. I wasn't sure which forum to post it in. Thanks :o)

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Do you plan an uppercase? Otherwise, maybe old style numerals would be a better choice.

By the way, have you see this?

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I hadn't planned an upper case but I suppose it's feasable.

Here are the numerals with dots

Being a complete newbie to drawing fonts I'm not sure what you mean by "old style numerals." Could you please explain? Are the numerals I have a bit too large as compared to the letters?

Your opinions are always welcome and appreciated!


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Thank you for the cheapprofonts link, riccardO. :o) I will check it out.

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Old style numerals, or “text figures” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_figures) are centered on the x-height, with ascenders and descenders, and are made to better flow in lowercase settings.

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Ahh... Gotcha. Thanks for the link. You may send me back to the literal drawing board.

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It's nice, especially the y, looks like a hybrid form of y and the Dutch "ij"-glyph to me. And I think the overall font is playful enough to handle the dotted numbers.

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Thanks. It was fun to work on. And you all have persuaded me to leave the dots within the numerals. They've kinda grown on me.

A screen capture from the movie...

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Replacement screen capture added.

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It might be a bit small though

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Hi, I came across your font and really like it for a program I am writing called "Shine". We will be running digital billboards. The "Shine Blue" that you've posted above makes a good logo for us.

I'm not really sure how to go about asking for usage permission... But message me back here if you have an issue with me using your font. (I guess) Very nice work, and thank you.

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