Mikael - My first serif typeface

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I've been working on this serif typeface, which I call Mikael, since the beginning of this year and now I would like to get some critique on it.

Mikael_Regular_Sample.pdf34.27 KB
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I like it! Perhaps you can post a PDF with some text (Lorem ipsum)...?

The contrast in /A/ is the wrong way round (rotate /V/ 180 degrees).

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Yes I second Jean. Provide a PDF because your image is rather small and blurry. We could see letters bigger in a PDF. With or without actual text for starters.

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I have now put a PDF as a attachement to this topic.


Jean - I will try to change the contrast of the A to see if it looks better. Thanks for the feedback.

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I can see that you've put lots of work into this so please consider this a positive critique even though I think (know) this font face has lots of work to do:

  • Letters are often copied/rotated/flipped which makes their strokes invalid.
  • Some of them are round (o) others are not (q)
  • Some accents are too thin and stylistically different
  • It seems round letters have more overshoot at the bottom than at the top
  • /j/ has angled/broken/distracting descender
  • /s/ is strongly falling to the right
  • /z/ is way too wide
  • Overall letter weight differs considerably
  • Some letters are unusually narrow (ie. /na/) while others are unusually wide (ie. /coewz/)
  • /g/ seems wobbly as not being that way as a feature but more of an error.
  • some letters use ball terminals others don't which makes them "strangers" or better said "non-relatives"
  • etc.

I'm not trying to put you off, but at this stage and looks of your letters this seems like a dead end project. You may learn a lot while doing it but you will either redraw it considerably to make it at least usable or start a new one after you gain some more experience.

For a beginner it's also usually better to go with a sans serif first because it's... well a bit easier (not a rule but usually is that way). Designing serifs with contrast stroke and not thinking of drawing them with a broad nib pen makes it even harder to succeed.

So. The main thing is I encourage you to continue, because you obviously like doing this (since you've devoted so much time to it already). In time and after few/many corrections/redraws you will become better and better and may eventually create something that will be usable in a designer sense of way.

(but who am I to judge since I'm not a formally educated designer at all even though some may've thought I am).

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