Good font with multiple langauges?

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Frankfurter D

something like this font that dunkin donuts uses. Do any fonts include multiple langauges?
spanish, hebrew, chinese, arabic, and other languages spoken widely enough in America.

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You will not find such a font. Your best bet is to find different fonts that convey a similar feel in different scripts.
This version supports Spanish:
For Chinese/Japanese, there is a style called "nar" or "maru", with rounded terminals.
For Hebrew and Arabic, you could ask in the specialised boards of the forum:

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Most Arabic Fonts include Latin scripts

Yes, of course. So do many CJK ones. But skald89 specifically asked for a version of Frankfurter.

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Thank you for your help. Must have been my fault I was not saying it had to be Frankfurter, just a font that would work with Frankfurter.

Are there any free fonts that anyone can suggest. I have not looked at the fonts you have suggested yet, I will when in an hour.

Thank you!

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