Williams & Sonoma typefaces

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Looking to id these two typefaces. I'm guessing the headline typeface is either Rockwell or Memphis.

Probably Memphis because Rockwell has a double-story 'a'

The body text - at first glance appears to be Trade Gothic.

Any help is appreciated.


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The sans could be Univers. The slab looks like something "classic", like Stymie/Rockwell, but some details are totally off...

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Thanks Ryuk - the slab appears to be Memphis though...looking at the numbers


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I think the sans might be Benton Sans from Font Bureau...not positive though.

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Looking at the numbers, the slab looks NOT to be Memphis…

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It's not memphis, the sample has a double story a. Also the way the lower stroke on the e terminates is different.

It has a Stymie feel, but that's not what it is

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Could the slab be Olsen or Adelle?

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seems I've stumped the typophile panel?

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