New Release: SCION

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Available for immediate download at

'Scion' is an original design by Alex Kaczun. The inspiration for the typeface came from the Toyota SCION logo, which bears its name. In Alex's own words, "I loved the simplicity, proportions and hi-tech look of the logo and decided to create an entire new design series based on its unique look". The fonts come in 5-flavors: thin, light, regular, bold and black. All the font weights where designed systematically on tabular widths so that the user can make adjustments to overall type color without changing the line length.

In addition, Alex Kaczun has provided us with several alternate glyph substitions to further enhance the overall appeal of this contemporary new design. The large Pro font character set, which supports most Central European and many Eastern European languages, makes this typeface series ideally suited for display copy as well as text composition. In the near future, Alex plans to include a narrow, compressed and ultra expanded, along with true-drawn italic variations to further expand the possibilities of this great new display series.

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Curious to see what an ultra expanded SCION is going look like.

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Stretcheeeeee it till it breaks...

I realize that it seems absurd to expand 'SCION', but I was thinking of going about this in a slightly different way.

Instead of just proportionally expanding each and every glyph in font as in line 2 above.

I think that I will adjust selective aspects of each glyph in a way that will create yet another interesting visual variance, like in line 3 above.

What do you think?

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You might want to change out that big red graphic before Pixar’s trademark attorney notices that you blatantly ripped off the Cars logo for use in your marketing.

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Speaking of blatant rip offs, the Scion logo (not to mention several Detroit brands) might owe a little something to Porsche, going back to at least the 1950s.

Paul Newman in his 1958 speedster:

Paul Newman in Harper 1967:

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