classic flash type rendering

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My previous posting was a bit cryptic.

The client I'm working with is using proprietary fonts that I have reworked as OT/TTF versions. I did them as OT for their own use in graphics, but the main use is for flash based greeting cards/invitations where users choose a font and text and it is printed and mailed elsewhere.

I did 11 fonts all together with varying amounts of features. Of these only one is behaving weird. In the classic Flash version I believe OT features are not accessible. That seems fine, but on this one its still mapping to a beginning of line character instead of the default. The other part of this problem is it seems to add or take away spaces. Any ideas what can cause this?

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My Win98 laptop knows more about OT than I do, so I can only presume you've made sure that the initial and default characters aren't mapped into the same slot.

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I put together a simple version for Flash to try. There are no alternates in the simple one so that should at least solve the immediate problem. I'm almost certain it has something to do with how they are accessing the font, but I don't know enough about Flash to figure that out easily. I know they were loading them on a Mac laptop to test and just using Font Book.

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