what typeface to use with Minimum (Di Sciullo)

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hi folks,

I'm doing a poster for a school project and we had to use minimal typefaces (Herbert Bayer’s Universalschrift, New Alphabet by Wim Crouwel...Minimum...etc)

What typeface, preferably a sans would work nicely with Di Sciullo's Minimum typeface.

Anny suggestions are more than welcome!

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Something narrow (in order to maintain proportions) and round (so to enhance Minimum's angularity by contrast).

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But which Minimum?
I've always been attracted to the Bong.

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hey guys thnx for replying

i'm using the minimum toc and minimum noir...suggestions?

as a student every now and then i invest in a new typeface so since i already have bought 3 weights of minimum im on the market for a nice font to be used with minimum.

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Something by Test Pilot Collective.

You're in the zone of radical experiments of the 1990s.
It's often termed "deconstruction", but there was also a lot of very modular, orthogonal, vector-drawn work, reinventing the alphabet. New media, new typography.

Of the faces acquired by MoMA, Template Gothic and Dead History may be considered deconstructive, but a glaring omission was Licko and Vanderlans' Oblong (1988), the mother of all bitmap-informed neo-constructivist faces.

Look at contemporary issues of Emigre magazine to see an appropriate layout style for such types. "The Cult of the Ugly" as Steven Heller called it.

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thank you very much Nick!

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