Women type designers

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Can anyone suggest good female type designers for union? Iam really struggling to find any...



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What, are you running a political campaign? :-/

Assuming you actually have a good reason, I'd ask: what kind of work are you looking for?


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Hmm. I assume you mean relatively unknown female type designers? You could call Zuzana Licko or Carol Twombly, but they may be busy. If I might ask: why are you actively searching for female type designers?

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hehe...I know it seems strange, but we are now representing 20 designers, and I find it odd that they are all male.

I just wondered where all the young unknown female font designers are.

Maybe they have there own secret forum..hahaha


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There are some on the forum. I remember someone named Karen.

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Hey Jim,

I could be interested, I'm really stuck with school for the next 3 weeks but then I'll be out and I'm really planning to get my typography skills polished when I have more time and try getting some stuff out there. I have some stuff started but I didn't dare putting anything on the chopping block so far =)


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Three very talented type designers come immediately to mind: Freda Sack (The Foundry, UK), Shelley Winter (UK) and Jane Patterson (Design Lab, Italy). But I don't think any of them are likely to be looking for representation, either because they have their own sucessful companies or, in Shelley's case, focus on custom work not retail fonts.

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Did you ever see Jill Bell's typefaces?
I recently wrote an article on her for the magazine Publish.
She is very productive and talented.
Agfa, ITC and Linotype did release her fonts.

Publish_2003_11_T_Jill Bell.pdf (621.8 k)

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