Any know what this error means? multiple glyphs macron overscore mapped to code

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I am getting this error when i try to compile a simple opentype subs feature. i copied and pasted the code from another font i made and it works fine there.

cmap{plat=3,script=1,lang=0}: multiple glyphs macron overscore mapped to code

double checked the sub characters they all have the same naming conventions.

any ideas?

thanks you in advance,


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If the problem is really what it says it is, the offending glyph SHOULD have a red header in charmap mode...

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Switch to index mode and see if you have two glyphs both mapped to macron.

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after much lost time, i quit, relaunched and it compiled fine. now my / (slash) wont preview, ugh...

might be a problem for another day. thank you oldnick and bunwich for your help!

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