An honest All-caps geometric Display font, my first font

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So, it´s almost a year ago, when I started to discover type that I made this fist typeface. At the time I had discovered the optical tricks used in professional typography, and though I understand the importance of it, it kind of annoyed to see the skewed geometry when used in big sizes.

I also just wanted the experience of designing a font without knowing anything really, I did not even know about DIN at the time, Helvetica(I discovered condensed later on) was my only mental reference point, but I did it all in isolation. Now I have not showed it anywhere on the internet since I thought that there are probably already a precisely similar font since it is created from such simple design principles. And I am still sure there are at least as drafts on designers hard drives. But it turns out after a year of looking at typefaces I have not the exact same idea replicated, not with the honest simple geometry and default tight kerning. But there is DIN and Helvetica Condensed and UNIQLOs version of DIN... If you know of other ones I would be happy to know!

But the question is, do you like it? Could you use it? Would you buy it? Is it useful?

What are the problems? I know the S is strange and the R is also a bit... but I have grown to like it...

What I especially like, which seems to be rare is that the middle lines are all the same. But I know the basic argument against it.

I do not claim that it even is a real typeface, it does not have the versatility etc, only a small set of characters. But I think it is kind of fun, and maybe even a bit unique, but in a good way?

So what is it, aggressive, neutral, boring, clunky, horrible, technocratic, fun?

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Robin, when you updated the post, it got reflagged as spam. I suggest you only add to this in comments now, to prevent it from getting unpublished again by the system.

Sorry, don’t know why this is happening to your posts.

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I’d say somewhat vernacular ;-)
Your S doesn’t work. I think you could go geometric all the way with a solution along these lines:

By the way, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but, while pleasant in its own rough way (and as of lately, fashionable even), your typeface can hardly be called “unique“, even ”a bit” ;-)

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Thanks for the honest words! However my bubble will burst only when someone shows me a typeface with the same qualities done better.

I really like the S and it looks nice with the other Straight midlines.

But in a way it is an anti typyface since it has 0 skill, 0 secrets, no mysterious elegancy, no voice. And that is exactly what i like about it. But even I seldom need it. Idealistic neutrality.

But although I know most real typographers would regard it as stupid, I don't understand exactly why, other than the fact that it requires very little skill to make.

But you said this style is even in fashion, any links?

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What is the point of leaving out "optical stuff"? Do realize it will only look MORE geomatric if you include overshoots, slight contrast, etc?

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Design words, not shapes!

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Well, to my eyes, when you use incredibly high sizes the true shapes look better to me than the ones with the optical tricks.

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Some of it is actually working as a grunge face. It's similar to some "vernacular" fonts that play up their own ignorance and lack of refinement. Fonts like Chinese Rocks and HVD Poster, are based on rough, impromptu lettering. While Cosed is much more rigid and smooth, I would still put them in the same category.

What I would suggest is to maybe make it a little more awkward. Keep _S_R_O_5_K_ etc. the way they are and try to capture that weirdness in some other characters.

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Thanks Tristan, I appreciate your understanding. Do you have any particular letter in mind that I could change? For me it is close to perfect according to the principles I set out, but I think I am blind for it.

I actually have done lower case letters as well, but they are actually unusable since I tried to use the same thickness, creazy me...

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Do you have any particular letter in mind that I could change?

I was originally going to suggest you alter the _K_ so that the arm and leg met exactly at the stem, but then I thought that would make it really thin and maybe a bit too weird.

You could make the horizontal lines in _E_ and _F_ the same length. And if you're not opposed to breaking your rules a little, you could make the leg and arm of _K_ slightly narrower at the ends to mimic the optical effect on the _R_

That's all I can think of right now.

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Thanks, Tristan, I used to have E and F with all the lines the same length but it was problematic. Thanks, I will take your thought´s into consideration!

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