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This mark is for a photography business operating in a party oriented environment. The primary audience is upperclass mothers with young kids. I am torn between several different typographic voices to pair with the mark and would love to get some feedback. On one hand I am looking at Rosewood Fill with its unrelenting quirkiness. It seems to pair nicely with the mark in terms of height, contrast and intent. But my fear with Rosewood is that it will get old really fast and will severely limit the growth of this brand. On the other hand I am looking at a clean sans; Neutra to be exact. I feel like it is a nice reflection of the star graphic—which is going to be another element of this identity system. But I am still not 100% convinced with either of these choices. Appreciate any and all feedback.

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The second (Neutra) has a less 'serious' feel to it.

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I don't love the Neutra "1" - you're bordering on "75 minutes of fame." That could be manually adjusted of course.

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I think you need something more original to pair with that logomark. A hat with a star is just not memorable (sorry, but it's true) so the type needs to stand out. If your target market is affluent women, look for something more "upscale boutique." Right now, you've chosen fonts that are used by some of the biggest, broadest brands in America - Cellular One and Starbucks. Their target market is strongly gender neutral. Yours is not....but so far, your logo is very neutral.

If it were me? I'd spend some time on Sudipos Foundry at more organic typefaces. Primavera or Lombriz might work, or even something like Romy or Semilla. I'd also go window shopping at some little exclusive, over-priced women's boutiques and look at labels and jewelry for inspiration. (Oh, and not at the mall -- independent little shops, like on Newbury Street in Boston. The kind of places fools pay $50. for cashmere socks.)

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Thanks for the opinions. I agree with you—to a certain extent—Alaskan. I will certainly investigate Sudtipos site and see what they have to offer. Thanks again for the feedback.

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