Crossing the t's

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I have an alternate "t" with a rather long raised crossbar and another one with no crossbar at all. Is there some smart way I can create an opentype feature that let's me substitute my regular t's with these two in a word like this: txxxxt (x = any given lowercase letter)

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Would this work?

First create a class of lowercase glyphs, @x.

sub t @x @x @x @x t' by t.nobar ;

sub t' @x @x @x @x by t.highbar ;

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Do you mean you want this to occur when exactly four lowercase characters occur between the t's, or do you intend this to work with an arbitrary number of characters separating the two t's?


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Thanks Nick. André: Arbitraty, but I’ll probably have to have a maximum number, and also something that would work for a word like “retrett”.

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Sounds difficult, as the intervening letters could be quite different widths.

Nick, does your second line need to say t.nobar rather than

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This is a handwritten script. The crossbars will be rather freeflowing, so I’m ok with different widths.

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