Merging points with Fontographer 5

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I have an assignent at my academy that we have to design one letter of the alphabet. I'm currently using Fontographer 5 to build up my letter. (I could do it with Illustrator in like 5 minutes, but I want to learn the new softwares ;))
So my question is: While I'm building up my letter at some places I left 2 points at the same spot, and when I tried to merge them I didn't get one point instead of 2, but none and a curve.

Something went wrong with the image uploads, so I'll just add the links.

what I want:
What I get:

ps: Also, tips are accepted if you recognize anything with the letter! ;)

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Try Remove Overlap (CMD/CTRL=SHIFT+O)...and close the contour on the extreme right.

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In Fontographer, "Merge Points" basically means "delete point(s) without breaking the contour". So if you select two points and Merge, both of them will be deleted (and adjacent points may be automatically modified to try and maintain the overall shape of of the contour). So you probably want to select just one of the two points -- whichever is more out of alignment -- then Merge Points. And as Nick pointed out, the contour is broken at the top right.

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well yes, ofcourse... I haven't finished the contour yet because I got stuck with merging these points... I'll try what you guys said, and thx for the tips!

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