Typeface in City Identity

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dear friends typophiles!

i looking for corporative typefaces of city and territory identities.

if you know any special designed typeface for use in whole city, please let me know. generally i interested in maximal universal typefaces for all aspects of city life, but glad to know about special (like navigation) types too.

what i found for now:

and i want to know more ))

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Gabriel Martinez Meave made Presidencia for the presidency of Mexico. Does that count?

Metadesign created a font named Glasgow199 for the Architectural City, which later led into FF Govan. Does this count either?

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Gotham might as well be New York City's unofficial typeface.

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thank you, Renko! Presidencia is very, very interesting. i will try to find samples of this type in use.

FF Govan, as i understand, not used by Glasgow?

thank you, Trevor! but i want find more custom and official types.

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Milano, by Antonio Pace, official typeface of the Milan municipality:

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nice! thank you, Riccardo!

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This site is full of typefaces for many cities: http://www.citid.net/

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thank you, Nick!
http://mic-ro.com/metro/metrofonts.html have some useful links for me!

thanks, Adam! there many typographical images about cities is, but i looking for official use of custom faces.

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FF Govan, as i understand, not used by Glasgow?

FF Govan is what Ole Schäfer and myself made out of the Glasgow 99 typeface which was exclusive to Glasgow but not used for a permanent identity, just for the events around 1999, when Glasgow was UK City of Architecture and Design. Check this on my blog: http://spiekermann.com/en/?s=glasgow

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Here's a wonderful little video on the creation of FF Amman.

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When I was back in Seoul in February, I noticed a dramatic increase in the use of the Seoul typefaces, the semi-serif Seoul Han-gang and the sans Seoul Namsan.

Here's a street sign in Seoul Namsan:

Here's a display in the metro in Seoul Han-gang (sorry it's out of focus):

Elsewhere in Korea, the cities of Busan and Gimje have their own typefaces as does the province of Jeollabuk-do, though I cannot comment on whether they are in active use. But my favourite may be for the island province of Jeju-do, whose Jeju typefaces include a serif, sans, and a funky display variant. These all support special characters needed for writing the Jeju dialect, which uses a vowel letter ㆍ that is obsolete in Modern Korean.

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it's fine, thank Riccardo!

Eric, i love your video (especially those with streets and vehicles), thank you for sharing!

thanks Trevor, i saw this funny video already, and i'm sad that it is so short

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wow, many thanks, Jongseong! maybe you know designer(s) of these families?

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The foundry YoonDesign is credited with the Seoul typefaces. After some digging, it looks like YoonDesign president Pyun Seokhoon 편석훈 was the general director of the Seoul typefaces project and Park Yoonjeong 박윤정 the senior designer. Korean digital typefaces are invariably collaborative efforts, and a whole team would have worked on the design of the typefaces. It is for that reason that individual designers are rarely credited and information about the designers behind typefaces can be difficult to find.

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There wasn’t a western-designed typeface used on highways in Korea?

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Hybrea in Emsland, Germany

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Jeremy Tankard designed Wayfarer for the city of Sheffield...

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Riccardo, you are thinking of Pieter van Rosmalen's Hangil E-Type, the Latin component of the Hangil typeface designed for road signs in Korea. Hangil of course includes Korean alphabet glyphs; Hong-Ik University and the foundry Sandoll were involved in the design. I didn't include this because it's not a city/territory thing.

You can't really find Hangil in use in Seoul because the new signs use the Seoul typefaces. I had to go outside the city limits to Gyeonggi-do Province to see Hangil in use.

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Yes, thank you Jongseong, that’s the one I remembered (http://typophile.com/node/62519). I mentioned it since Andrij wrote that he would be “glad to know about special (like navigation) types too” :-)

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We have launched city font project, it is working now in Yokohama and Nagoya.

cityfont.com - voice of a city.


Nagoya English ver. (pdf)


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I think the development of Twin, a typeface for Minneapolis and Saint Paul, by Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum (LettError, 2002) was a unique tour de force of type design.

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thank again, Jongseong! i am especially interested in Jeju typefaces and its using in regional identity. i hope to find more illustrations about it.

thank you, Ray! did you draw Hybrea special for Emsland?

Hideyo, you have a great resource! i am amazed, and i hope your project will grow and some day you will add some ukrainian cities to the list.

thanks, Maxim! i forget to include Twin City type in my list. do you know is it implemented? i can't find images about project-in-life

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@andrijko Hybrea wasn't drawn specifically for Emsland. They have an area use license with the intention that it was to be used as their official display font. I haven't visited so I'm not sure how visible it is.

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thanks for information, Ray!

shame on me, i had completely forget about signing system in Lviv, one of most beautiful ukrainian cities, and Municipal typeface, specially designed for it!
(link on posting in community about old-good signs in Lviv)

Hideyo, i hope, you can add Lviv already to your resource.

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I just saw this thread - thanks for starting it!

Not to pick on Twin, but as I just wrote in another thread*
to me it's way too over-designed, too fantastical in terms
of the real-world associations. And I contend that's one
reason it was never implemented. It's easy to commend the
work of designers who typically produce superb work, but
this one was simply a dud.

* http://typophile.com/node/89329#comment-492335

Capitolium BTW, was also never implemented AFAIK.
But that's probably just an Italian thing. ;-)


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