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Hello, I am currently working on my first real typeface. I would like some advice, especially on the /t/ glyph.

Of this three versions, I think the first one looks too tiny compared to the other glyphs. But what about the others? Should I raise/lengthen the arm?

Also, this is the full glyph set (as of now):

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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The slanted crossbar looks wrong no matter how you position it; if you must use the angled approach on the t, why not apply it to the bottom of the letter?

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Thank you for your reply, you mean like this? (Excuse my rough draft haha.)

Or the other way around? But you're probably right, the slanted crossbar (isn't it a rotated crossbar, technically?) doesn't look right. Maybe I'll just stick with a simple straight one. How does it look on the /e/ and /a/?

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In any case, usually the right part of t's crossbar reaches the x height.

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Actually, this is more what I had in mind...

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Ahah of course. For now I think it looks a bit out of place between the other glyphs.

It works better with the f I have in mind, too. But thanks for your help guys, I still have to learn a lot about t's.

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Think I'll go for the third one, and use the first one as a capital.

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That's what I've got now. I would like to hear your opinion. Is it a bad idea to use a different approach for v and w?

Also, I'm trying to apply (flat) kerning in fontlab, but it doesn't show up in the quick preview or the generated .ttf file. What am I doing wrong?

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I made another capital /T/ and another lowercase /v/.

Gr Jeroen

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