Creating a dotted version of Futura – HELP!

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I'm trying to create a dotted version of a logo I've set in Futura BT Light in the same kind of style as the Stella McCartney logo (see attached example).

Can anybody offer any help?


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You can do this with a Robofab pen, although I've been told that Fontlab has stability issues with fonts that use the same component numerous times. But for something this simple I would probably just do all the work by tracing over the glyphs in Illustrator with a custom brush and then import the finished glyphs back into Fontlab. If you go that route be sure to read the documentation on using Fontlab with Illustrator before you start.

You'll also have to re-draw some glyphs because not everything in Futura is going to work as a dotted lines. And the spacing and kerning will likely need an overhaul if you need to use the font for anything other than all-caps headlines. If you need to hire someone to work that out drop me a line,

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Thanks for the info, I only need to create 10 uppercase letters so I was hoping I could do this in Illustrator – I've never used Font Lab before.

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Your best option is probably to redraw the letters as single strokes & then either apply a dotted line to them or put dots at the end of your strokes & use the blend tool (replacing the spine with your strokes). I'd opt for the latter option 'cause it tends to give better results & you can still play around with the specified number of steps used.

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If your only doing ten glyphs, I'd recommend just biting the bullet and doing it by hand.
I can't see you getting happy results from a brush.

Intersections like the bar on the A, and curves like the S will require some optical adjustment to feel even.
Try to use maths to your advantage too, pick a good cap height that will divide neatly into the dimensions of your circles.

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The intersections are the main reason I suggested using the blend tool. You can put dots at all intersections & fill the strokes with the best amount of steps.

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I don't disagree - I just think the sake of 10 glyphs, doing it by hand and knowing you have a consistent pattern of distribution is probably the most efficient method.

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We made a futura dotted and Gotham dotted. Maybe that can help you!
Check the screenshots here

Best regards!

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