Help for fred lambert's compacta

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Hello to all type fans!

I'm in desperate help of a school assignment i'm currently working on. :(
The brief was to find out about the history of a certain font.

I was assigned to fred lambert's compacta.

Searched high and low on google and the library for him on the related font, but efforts were in vain.

I came across this book by the name of "American type design and designers" as reference according to some helpful source.
Only after reading more, i came to realize there's very little info about him.

It's only about letraset corporation set-up and compacta being the company's 1st letraset font to be created.

I can't figure these questions as the answers have to be long, not some one or two lines.

(1)Reason behind the font
(2)Reason behind the font’s name
(3)History of the font

Can fellow type fans please do me a favor by helping me out? Really appreciate it! :)

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the answers have to be long, not some one or two lines.
I bet that if you take the info you found from different sources, glue them together, and expand the parts that are only referenced or hinted, you will end up with quite some text.
If all you’re willing to do is copy&paste, you’re out of luck.

(2)Reason behind the font’s name
Well, I think this one you can figure out yourself! ;-)

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You are not the first person to ask this.

It looks like he's one of those many type designers there isn't a lot of information on.

For me, and for many British men of a certain age, Compacta will always be the Airfix typeface.

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I join the club – Does anyone know if Compacta was used for political posters, campaign stuff? If so, can you share examples?

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That's not Compacta.
In particular note the angularity of the diagonal in Compacta's "S".

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I always associate Compacta with poring over Letraset catalogues as a young lad.

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