Trade Gothic and Russian

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A friend of mine needs to find a version of Trade Gothic that would support all the languages listed below. Apparently she had a version that covered all they needed until Czech was added to the mix, and the company they bought that font from doesn't exist anymore. I can only find fonts with all the other languages but Russian. Is there a version of Trade Gothic that would cover all these languages?

English (EN)
German (DE)
French (FR)
Swedish (SE)
Finnish (FI)
Danish (DA)
Norwegian (NO)
Estonian (EE)
Latvian (LV)
Lithuanian (LT)
Polish (PL)
Russian (RU)
Czech (CZ)
Slovakian (SLO)
Portugese (PO)
Spanish (ES)

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A decent, usable ‘Multilingual’ version of Bitstream News Gothic is offered by ParaType in a good range of styles. It does support Russian and all above-listed languages.

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Brilliant, thank you very much!

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