Extremely complicated shapes. Inadvisable?

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I'm working on my very first font. Aside from that one I made when I was 13 based on the logotype on that B-52's album.

It's a chromatic face, and one of the fonts is probably going to have to have some really complex shapes because it's intended to simulate a texture.

Is this totally impractical? I remember seeing some novelty fonts over the years that looked really complex. I just hope it doesn't totally sabotage someone's computer to have to load all these shapes.

Thanks all.

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Thanks to Opentype it's not impractical. There are many effects that you can do now, including complex shapes and textures. As long as apps are OT savvy it will work fine. At least there are some things that make it great to be living in 2011.

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Huzzah! Thanks.

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There's one called Romantiques over on DaFont, which is rather complicated and takes a while to raster on screen at least in Windows Font Viewer.

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With OpenType and the power and colors available on computers these days, I don't see why your font should be a problem. It might be difficult to read though.

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