Font Info trouble

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I've been battling for days with this. I'm sure it must be something very simple like a cache issue. I'm on Windows 7 and my three weights all have the same encoding settings, yet the Medium appears to have some symbol flag set; the icon shows up differently.

What can I do to make it look right? I've finally managed to get the weights to list properly in InDesign though goodness knows what I did that fixed that. I can post images of the Font Info boxes if that would help?

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the Medium appears to have some symbol flag set

It's possible that this is the case because the font has "Symbol" selected as its Microsoft® Character Set; at times, FontLab on its own decides that this is the case, so check your Font Info > Supported codepages and default character set to make sure that the MS charset matches the other fonts.

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Font Info/Encoding & Unicode/Unicode Ranges. Uncheck mathematical operators.

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Whew, thanks Ray. What a beastly place to hide such mischief!

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