A complete font?

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Hello, can anybody help with identifying the 'font' used in this logo? I'm redrawing it for a client as part of a refresh/rebrand but I'd like to figure out what the starting point is.

It seems to be pretty Garamond-esque but there are a couple of things throwing it out... Most notably the 'K' and perhaps the 'R'.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me :)

View it here - http://yfrog.com/f/h29st2j/

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The ‘K’ and ‘R’ make me think of some kind of Bembo. The ampersand is similar to the one in Caslon 540.

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Thanks Florian ... I hadn't thought of Bembo! I'll dig a little deeper :)

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Aldine 401? The rounded serifs are throwing me, but the letters seem close.


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Sturgell - Thanks dude ... that's pretty good thanks! There's still a few differences but it gives me some options :)

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