Where can I purcahse the ClearviewOne font family?

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Working on a project that requires the use of ClearviewOne Bold to be used. Does anyone know where I can purchase this?

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And the foundry where you can buy a license: http://www.terminaldesign.com


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FYI...just in case anyone else runs into the issue of trying to find ClearviewOne, this is what I found out from the foundry, Terminal Design:

"ClearviewText is the replacement for ClearviewOne. The metrics and kerning in ClearviewText have been improved and may not match exactly the metrics in the Old ClearviewOne. ClearviewText is also an OpenType font so it contains small caps, and various numeral styles."

Thanks Pieter for directing me to the foundry where I was able to find the answer I needed :)

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I think ClearviewText is the same as ClearviewATT, but with more weights available.

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ClearviewText is not the same as ClearviewATT.

Different metrics, a few different glyphs. And ClearviewATT can only be used on AT&T accounts. Is that how you have a copy?

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I have been hunting for this font everywhere. Do you think you can send me the file if you still have it? I'm at minibob3@gmail.com


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All you need to do is go to the official website. AFAIK, you can buy it from there – all thirteen fonts of it.

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