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I am looking for an italic for Poliphilus. But I can't find Blado. We are talking metal type here - 16pt. Does any one know who might have it?

Or what about using Bembo italic? Good idea or bad?

What other italics have you used with Poliphilus?


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The Bixler's typefoundry in upstate New York casts Blado:
If memory serves, M and H Type in San Francisco also does:

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Thanks Brian,

M & H does not have it. Which is sad because that is where my Poliphilus came from.

Any comments on using Bembo italic with it?

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This is a site where you can check on which foundries are casting various faces:

Bixler is only casting British Monotype and is not shown. Doesn't mean he doesn't have it. Berliner, last I heard, is no longer casting.

Poliphilus and Blado were great letterpress faces. Probably suck in digital version.

Some interesting popular perceptions about the Poliphilus that aren't exactly so. Hmmm, I'm starting to sound like Giampa the Great. Am I now the only Gerald?

Bembo Italic won't match in the way you hope. There is quite a bit of written documentation on the two faces.

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Thanks for the info Gerald. I will take a look around that link.

I have have tried to contact Bixler but have got no reply back.

For now, I can' find Blado in 16pt. and I have discovered, on my own, that Bembo italic will not match just as you said. So sad.

After taking a close look at both faces, in letterpress form, it is my opinion that Poliphilus is superior to Bembo. I've always been fond of Bembo too. But now, there is a new kid in town.

The search continues... <i>Blado, where are you?</i>

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Oh, as a side note, I just recentlly found someone that is just blocks from my own studio that has a Vandercook. They are totally into giving me some access. What a great find and what a small world!

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I think I had Blado in the 16-pt. I had it cast at Out of Sorts Letter Foundry as I recall. They are no longer around. But... I may have sold this to Don Hosek of Serif magazine. I sold him a number of metal typefaces. I remember that a few years back he was trying to sell his type off. You might check with him.

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Try Dan Carr at Golgonooza Press & Letter Foundry. He has a goodly selection of English Monotype faces. Might have it.

Jim Rimmer

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If anybody finds Don Hosek please let me know how to reach him. Thanks.


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Yep, Dan seems pretty hard to get a hold of.

I'll likely order my type from Bixler. I'll have to order 20lbs. though. I am hoping I will find someone to split the order with me. It would end up being about $150 each for 10 lbs.

Thanks for your help.

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