Greek font: looking for a VERY similar font family

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Dear Typophiles
I need to know whether a font family very similar to that I attached exists (I'd like the design of the letters to be very close to these ones).
I need a font family with polytonic greek.

IMPORTANT: Adobe fonts (like Arno, Minion, Garamond Premier), Times New Roman, Palatino, Baskerville are excluded.

Please help me.

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Thanks Jan but GFS Didot doesn’t fit my needs.
The two fonts look sligthly different: check the SMALL LETTER THETA (θ) or the stroke of each letter and their contrast (look at the eyes of «ρ» or «ο»).
GFS Didot belong to an open-source project, while I am likely to pay for those fonts.
Can anyone help me?

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Click on the "Magenta Memories Apla UC Pol" for a pdf with samples.

Or, try some fonts from this page:

namely the ones in the categories:

1 Unicode Fonts No 1
2 Unicode No 2 Fonts
3 Unicode No 3 Fonts
4 Unicode No 4 Fonts
5 Unicode No 5 Fonts

Hope some of them fit your needs.

Good luck!

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Thanks John.
MgMemoriesApla is very similar to the font I'm looking for, but some differences still remain.

Are there any other type foundries that produce professional fonts with polytonic greek?

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Might it be Monotype Greek 90 and 91?

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(?) Monotype Greek 90 and Monotype Greek 90 slanted (12 deg)

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Many thanks!
Monotype Greek 90 looks very similar!

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