New release - Kids Cyrillic font - "Osmacka azbukovica"

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We'd like to give you one typeface created by my class of kids in elementary school where I teach.

It's limited on Cyrillic letters only, but maybe in future, we include Latin characters also.

Hope you'll find it interesting :) (TTF only).

P.S. - I didn't influenced them or gave any creative directions, my role was just to do a technical job - to make a font from their letters.

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Nice! :-)

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Great idea! Congratulations.

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Thanks Riccardo and Andre.

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Sooo lovely.

They’ll all end up as type designers, I fear. Hard times upon us . ;-)

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Very nice. It has a kind of postmodern look to it. Shame I can't really read a Cyrillic alphabet all that well.

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Thanks guys!
This was our first project, so that's why we forgot to include numbers and punctuation marks :)
Next time, when we make school's website, we'll include Latin characters also.

P.S. - It's funny, but some letters here are more original and creative then from much older design students :)

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Great project.

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long live cyrillic ))
nice project, Dusan!

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Thanks Andrej!
Keep the ћ ч ж џ љ alive :)

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