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If possible, please list the faces and give a brief explanation :)
Any extra content always helps!
Thanks guys!

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Typefaces popular in America, that’s OK, but for which use? (billboards, print ads, books, web, corporate documents?)
And, 2011, seriously? Two whole months and half?

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I'm curious about the rise and fall of popular faces per area.

Then why don't you do some research?
For instance, for a particular area, look at the advertising done by certain sector-leading companies a few years ago, and compare it with today. You would need to go to a library and look at back issues of magazines, and identify the typefaces used. Or use the Wayback machine. Is that too much like work? As a form of 'research', asking for opinions at an online forum is pathetic.

If the learning outcome is to identify what's popular and make a poster using it, just download one of Jos' free Museos from MyFonts and get to work. Tip: all caps, bold sans serif. That should be good for at least a B.

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