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I have a question, someone have some fonts came from Canadian Type??!?!
I have, but I have a dubt, I can't understand why for example in the Clarendon Text font the alternate ligatures are not in the same file of the file of the text. It's quite an inconvenient situation, because when I use some Canadian Type if I want to set my text with alternate ligatures I can't do it in a easy way in illustrator or in indesign, but I must search and replace the couples of letters that need alternate ligatures...
why they made font files so strange?!?!?!
do you have the same problem with fonts from Canadian Type?!?!??!

thank you for your attention

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You should contact Canada Type.

Unlike foundries such as, say, Adobe or Microsoft, the owner actually lists his phone number at the web site, so you can call him up and bitch in person.

I suspect there is a very straightforward explanation.

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>Unlike foundries such as, say, Adobe or Microsoft...

Mr. Shinn, you are confusing me. You convinced me that Adobe and Microsoft weren't foundries, yet now you refer to them as foundries. Have you ever considered a career in politics?

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There is a Pro version of Clarendon Text.

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Mr. Shinn, you are confusing me.

Yes, I remember that thread. I had wondered whether to put "foundries" in quote marks, but thought that might be a bit too snarky, as my comment was already enough of a dis.

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I think that I have the pro version of clarendon,
but, may be the most quickly thing to do is to put toghether the alternate ligatures and the other font by myself, cut and paste with fontlab...

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