need a word with f + adieresis

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For an example. Something not profane, vulgar or obscene -- going in a book. I bet Swedish has some. As I remember, f + umlauted vowels was the reason Carter made a Swedish version of C&C Galliard.

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This thread may be useful.

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This website allows you to search for particular strings in words. A real gem, thanks to Craig Eliason, I'm going to keep referring to it. One example given: the Finnish word for 'biosphere' is 'biosfääri' with two adieresis-es.

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I've worked with a printer called Fälth & Hässler. Just lc that and you're on your way!

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A few German words:

fähig [able, capable]
fällig [due]
fällen, gefällt [to fell, felled]
fälschen, gefälscht [to falsify, falsified]
färben, gefärbt [to color, colored]

There are a lot more. The most common one might be ‘gefällt’ – as in ‘Gefällt mir’ (‘Like’ on Facebook).

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Charles, you might also find the German Affäre of interest — ff-lig (which, if I’m not mistaken, is actually permissable in this case) + ä.

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In Swedish, biosfär (biosphere) might suit your need.

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Thanks guys.

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thanks to Craig Eliason

To give credit where it's due, James Puckett was the first to link to it from Typophile.

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A veritable treasure-trove of f-ing umlauts!;-)
Thanks to everyone!

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