Whither Gigofonts? or, does a EULA survive when a foundry dies?

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I am interested in purchasing this display face, GF Script No 5. The foundry is listed as Gigofonts in Slovenia. Their website address goes nowhere, and a Google search (cursory, I admit) is a dead end as well. I wanted to contact them about options for an expanded license/EULA that would allow use to use the typeface in an e-book (i.e. without converting to outlines). When a foundry dies, what happens to the EULA?


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Kamniška ulica 49
SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 (1) 239 64 70
F: +386 (1) 239 64 88
E: info@gigodesign.com

Polno ime: Gigodesign, oblikovanje in komunikacije, d.o.o.
Direktorja: Miha Klinar in Matevž Medja

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Thanks! Obviously my Googling was TOO cursory. I am still interested in the hypothetical dead-foundry/EULA question. Has anyone encountered this?

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There was a discussion about this (I’m unable to locate it at the moment). If I remember correctly, the consensus was that the EULA will be still binding.

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I don't know what to say from a legal standpoint, particularly since I'm in the USA and and my limited, untrained knowledge of copyright and contract law likely doesn't apply in Slovenia, so I'll just leave this link here to spur further discussion:


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