Record font ID request

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Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the links, Justin.

I'm thinking it's a font since the image I posted is from B.A.D.'s "Contact" single from 1989. Whether or not the font is available in digital form is another matter.

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If it's from 1989 it's possible they used the iron-on letters to do this design. I've found the video on YouTube and Mick's got the M & J on his shirt.

And there's more on the back of it at that can be seen at 2.52.

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Sorta, kinda (but not really):

(Use the lowercase and you'll get most of the way to that "eroded and/or badly autotraced" look.)

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Justin, I think you're right that the iron-on letters were used for the cover.

Yeah, it says "MEGATOP PHOENIX" and "B.A.D." on the back of his shirt. There's also this:

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