~ c 1880 title for children's book - "Aunt Louisa's Book of Common Things" by L. Valentine

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Regarding the words, "Common Things" :

What do you call the style for this type of lettering?

Is there an actual font similar to this?

Thanks for any help.

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Sorry: it's undoubtedly hand-lettered, and it appears that you would need at least five separate typefaces to come close to mimicking it...

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thank you - i will stop the search now then : /

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Common Things is a looser version of the kind of lettering used on billheads and letterheads at that time. Letterhead Fonts might have something with a similar appeal to you, especially LHF Billhead, or the Coffee Bin fonts at MyFonts, although they have a more precise, engraved look than the drawn lettering on the book jacket.

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Thank you, Justin - I had looked at LHF [I tried out Grant Antique and played with it a while]. Now I will check the Coffee Bin ones.

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