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Hey guys,

im a graphic artist with an interest in creating a type face.

can anyone provide me with some info on this? Once i've finished my font, where do i go from there? How does one go about making money on a font? Lastly, are there any recommended applications to use aside from illustrator?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi Nick,
Creating a type face is a question of just doing it - in my case anyway, I'm an amateur myself. I used to design type in Illustrator too, but found that creating it in FontLab Studio makes it a lot easier. Things like spacing and kerning can be instantly created, viewed and modified where as in Illustrator you can only draw. Making money on a font is not easy I gather. You'll put many an hour into the design, so if you're thinking you can get paid for that time you spend on it, you can forget it ;-) Exceptions aside of course. You might consider puttting your font up for sale at sites like
But, first of all, we would really like to see your design so we might help you make the best of it!
Good luck!

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Hi Nick,

For applications, I would recommend Fonts & Encodings. It covers most of the major applications, including a number of free ones (good for when you are just starting up). It includes all of the gory details, which are difficult to get elsewhere.

There are some debates about the best books to use, but I liked Karen Cheng.

Finally, you may want to check out Type Radio. It will give you a good feel of the life of a type designer. I think the most telling interview so far was with Jos Buivenga, the number one seller on MyFonts. Even he has a difficult time supporting himself exclusively on type design.

You should listen to Jean - post your designs here and have some fun. The last thing you want to do right now is worry about the money!


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Hey Jean and Neil,

thanks for the helpful information. I'll check out FontLab Studio and Fonts & Encodings. I figured there were apps out there to deal exclusively with type. Your book recommendation and Type Radio look like invaluable resources.

I knew i wouldn't see cash from this right away (assuming my fonts are good enough), but if theres a chance to make a small amount of money doing something i enjoy then thats fine with me.

I'll show you guys my designs when they're ready. I stand to gain a lot from your critiques.

Thanks again!


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