Trail of the Octopus

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There are 2 typefaces here, both from a silent film series called "Trail of the Octopus".
The sample on the bottom looks hand-lettered to me but I've never seen the style of face on the top samples.

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I should mention it was made in 1919.

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Can't help you I'm afraid, but I absolutely love /a/!

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Yes, the 'A', and while what initially caught my eye was the lowercase P——the K, italic V, capitol X (so wide at the base!) and the punctuation, especially the question mark are all rather unique.

I'm wondering whether this could be classified as early humanist although the l/c E doesn't fit.

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Title cards from this era were invariably hand-lettered: check out the slightly different widths of the letter e in the word "believe." However, a font that was based on Ozzie Cooper's hand-lettering may be found here, which includes that seriously stylin' a ...

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Dieter Steffman also has a font called Packard Antique with the "a".

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oldnick: I started to wonder about hand-lettering too, it's hard to accurately compare glyphs as the images are so fuzzy due to it's age (and my vision).

Thanks for the lead on the fonts, both of you. They do have the same look & feel of the sample.

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