How's my resume lookin?

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Not sure if this is the right section for this, but, here goes!

This is my resume! I'm still a student in college (hence the tiny "experience" section) so I'd be using this resume to apply for graphic design internships and entry-level summer jobs.

What do you think? Is the body type too light? Is everything aligned okay? Are there any obvious mistakes? How does it compare to other resumes that you've seen? Did I put too much stuff in there from HIgh School?

Would YOU hire me?

Thanks for your constructive criticism... go easy on me!

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Cool. Not a designer here, but some teeny tiny things still catch my eye. Specifically, the space between the hyphen-bullets and the first letter of entries seems to vary some. For example, under the "James Madison University" heading on the first page, compare the spaces directly preceding the "Harrison, Virginia" and "Expected Graduation" items. Similar inconsistencies elsewhere also. Another note: all of the date ranges really ought to use en dashes rather than hyphens.

Good luck!

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Think the body type is indeed too light, and it might look better to make your middle initial the same color as the other two. Otherwise it kind of jumps out a little. You might even make it the same color as the rest of the "enae" or just scrap it entirely.

Otherwise it's pretty stylish.

Possible typo: flyying.
Consistency nitpicking: Other skills section has an unpredictable mix of Title Case and Sentence case.

Also, this is more a matter of personal taste... but I find garamond kinda old-looking and played out :) Got a more modern face (as long as it's legible)?

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I am not a designer, just a technical writer. This design does not work for me.

The everything centered style, particularly on the first page, is difficult to decipher. Pushing the dates to the right, to look centered, to me, looks awkward. The large indents in the text, to make everything look centered, looks awkward. I just don't get it. I would make everything left-aligned, and move the dates next to the places, because that's what they go with. (Keep the things that go together, together.) Then the columns could be a little thinner.

The top graphic, a big green piece of wood or tree stump, what is that saying? I don't have any idea. There's nothing wrong with white space.

Consider leaving the babysitter listing off. References on request is just assumed for many modern resumes. Self Employed is misspelled.

Under school involvement, will listing your religious affiliation hurt of help you in the design community? Also, I don't know what a lot of this groups are: Key, Bet, Interact, American Classical League...

Under Community Involvement, why are you saying constituent instead of member?

There are two things noticeably missing here. One is your home website. If you don't have one, be sure you have a good explanation why.

The other thing that's missing is any design experience. And you should be emphasizing this! From this resume, I cannot identify one thing that you have designed, professionally or in school. Make the top left section "Freelance design experience". Amplify and expand to explain your design experience, whatever it is. What did you design? Maybe listing school projects would be appropriate. Move the first two lines of your community involvement section into this new section. Delete the Other section if you need more room.

If you cannot sell your design capabilities on page one, nobody is going to look at page two. Take a good look at everything on both pages. Is it selling your design capability? Move all that stuff that does into the new Freelance Design Experience section.

Maybe a two or three line Summary at the top would be appropriate, summarizing your good people skills, your initiative, design qualifications, and business experience.

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Thank you for your responses! I have taken all of this into consideration and will be making many adjustments. I love posting thing on here because I always get the most honest responses. Now I have something to work with!

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