Cyrillic Typography

Does anyone have information/recommendations/opinions on faux-cyrillic typography and its connection to the Constructivism movement? After analyzing Red Square Regular typeface and Rodchenko Constructed ML the similarities are evident. What do you all think?! Looking forward to the discussion!

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It’s connection is usually that it's based on lettering found in post-revolutionary Soviet propaganda posters. Posters by the Stenberg brothers seem to be some of the most popular sources. There's not much more to it than that; in part because modernism was effectively banned in the early 1930s so its practitioners moved on.

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There are some associations between angular Latin script block cap types and political radicalism, but the style as it originally emerged was a broadly cultural international phenomenon.

In the West, types such as Raleigh Gothic, City, and Bankers Gothic had no radical pretensions.

I've always thought of Raleigh Gothic as a skyscraper face.

The main feature of faux-cyrillic typography has not been, IMO, particular styles of type, but the use of Cyrillic characters as substitutions for Latin characters (e.g. in the Borat movie title).

Good designers don't need to play the faux-Cyrillic card (e.g. flipping "R") when alluding to constructivism, it's a little too obvious, turning radical posturing into kitsch.

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