Is there a typeface like this?

Hello everybody, i'm a graphic designer and illustrator from Italy. It's my first post here, I hope this is the right section for this request...

I'm looking for a font made like this, without any success.

Obviously the flickering line is only due to my sketching, it should be precise and geometric instead, with monoweighted line, vertical proportions and straight vertical lines. Somewhere between DIN, Vitesse, Stratum, Isonorm and Geogrotesque... these at least are the most similar ones i found in these months. Lower case and different weights are welcome.
I could draw it by myself, but i would take too long for a decent result, so I ask if there are similar fonts, I think i saw it somewhere but can't find it now.

Any advice?

Thanks :)


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Maybe you could try to move the thread to the Type ID Board (or General Discussions) for better exposure.

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Yeah, I saw that that section is the most popular, but I read that it's reserved to the identification of specific typefaces, I don't know if there's a typeface like this ;)
Maybe I could move it there, if there's no problems with the moderators.

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Monocle font I just found is very similar to what I want, but it has only light, medium and bold weights, and I need thin and black too :/

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Ciao Gabriele,

what about CPMono_v07?

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Definetely a good font, very similar to what I asked, maybe just a bit larger.
I just bought Monocle (I have to say that with glyphs, ligatures and alternative styles it deserves the money they ask for it) but I also downloaded this and surely I will use in the future. I'm still looking for this kind of font so if you know others let me know anyway ;)

Thank you!

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How about Titillium? It's not quite as strict or unilaterally straight as your examples, but it's a sort of DIN-proportioned vertically oriented neo-geometric.

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Cool font! I didn't know it, though it's Italian like me ;)

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Thank you, Joerg. Blender is very nice :)

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