Fonts in Android 2.3.3

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted, but I just realized that the sides of my nerdiness are overlapping, so it's a perfect opportunity to come on back!

I'm a proud owner of an OGD (Motorola DROID 1), and I've been rooted using CyanogenMod for about a year now. I've always been happy with it, but one day, I got fed up with the standard Droid fonts from Ascender Corps that comes packaged with Android.

I decided that I wanted other typefaces on my phone instead. Thus I replaced, the monospace font with DejaVu Sans Mono, and then switched that out for Terminus. I replaced Droid Serif with Linux Libertine G (just because I'm praying that one day, Android will support Graphite), and Droid Sans with Liberation Serif. I was so happy for such a long time.

However, now I've updated to the RC2 of CM7 for my phone, and the system fonts folder has changed. No matter what method I use, whenever I try to replace the fonts, I get a "bootloop."

I've already posted a thread on this matter over at CM Forums, but no one seems to have good suggestions.

I'm really hoping that someone here is Android-nerdy enough to help me figure this out.

What's really screwing me up is the new /system/fonts/ folder setup which now has a DefaultFont.ttf(and variations, i.e., DefaultFont-Bold.ttf, etc.). I don't know how to handle it, nor which to replace.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

This issue has been solved. Feel free to read up here.

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