Photoshop kerning problems

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I'm having problems with the kerning on my font in Adobe programs. I've attached an image to help explain.

The black text shows how the font's kerning looks in FontLab. The pink overlaid text shows how the font appears in Photoshop CS5 with standard tracking/kerning.

The ligatures are working in Photoshop, and the font appears fine in Illustrator CS5, so I know the features file is working.

Does anyone know what I've done wrong or what is causing this?

Thanks in advance.

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Someone I've been tutoring in FontLab was having that problem with Photoshop. Turns out for her on the character palette where the kern setting is it was toggled to optical rather than metrics. Metrics is what's in the font and optical is you choosing kern pairs as you set the type. Not sure what the Illustrator problem is but from looking at the graduated difference it looks like its tracking out and the kerning is actually present.

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Magical, thanks for that Stephen!

I realised the Illustrator problem was
simply me not scaling the text correctly
so I edited my original post and deleted
that problem.

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