Bernard Brussel-Smith: Typeface Designer

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I collect postage stamps by type designers, and a colleague recently suggested that the artist Bernard Brussel-Smith designed a typeface, but I've not been able to confirm this. I've found one US stamp he worked on, and I know he did a great deal of lettering, but I've not been able to find reference to his work as a type designer. Is anyone out there able to confirm that he was, in fact, a type designer?

Many thanks.

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Well, I don't know if he designed a typeface, but found two typographers-related portraits he did:

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I've contacted Bernard Brussel-Smith's son, Peter, who tells me his father designed two faces which were never released. He's said he'd send along scans of the drawings when he has time to dig them out.

Know you know as much as I do.

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