Hi type fanatics, what do you do when not poring over type?

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Well, besides many outside activities that are type-related in some way, there are board games. I have just been putting together a web site for one: http://empire-game.org. My game collection is kinda large, too: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/tphinney?own=1&subtype=boar....

Also have been into role-playing games, am about to start running the “Call of Cthulhu” role-playing game again.

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Cooking and singing are my favourite non-type activities, although I have been known to sing while designing type.

[Thomas, do you play games on BrettspielWelt? I often play a few rounds of Dominion there to wind down and get my mind off type before I go to sleep.]

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I walk the dogs, go to the gym, play guitar (badly and perfunctorily), cook, read, and watch movies.

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I do a lot of cooking too, I was quite obsessed. I taught myself out to make indian dishes (including the British/Indian Chicken Tikka Masala) like curries, eggplant dishes, naan (it's fun to bake your own naan, and flavour it with a lot of yogurt) chinese/vietnamese/thai foods, southern foods...

I also do quite a heavy amount of baking. rhubarb pie with crispy crusts, flaky scones, and I have a famous carrot cake.

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Nothing, unless listening to comedy podcasts counts as an activity.

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I like watching movies. I have a cobbled-together "theater" in our basement where a friend and I screen classic movies regularly.

I had ambitions to become a cartoonist when I was young. My career went in a different direction, but I still have some interest in it and go sit and draw with other cartoonists once a month at the Minnesota Book Arts Center in Minneapolis. (You can see some of my work here.)

I also read a lot, mostly non-fiction, a lot of it online.

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Gardening, Organic farming, Swimming... there is lot more to life than type.

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I make really aweful signs and worse doodles, hunt for rock specimens and fossils, and make cabochons.

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I shoot benchrest, and build my own equipment (A Caslon influence?)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benchrest_shooting (usual Wikipedia inaccuracies)

My wife claims I also spend too much time cosseting our aging cats.

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Mowing the fields (in summer); snowblowing the driveway (in winter); some gardening (not enough, according to my wife, who takes on most of the responsibility); cutting/splitting/stacking firewood; assorted other chores.

I’m a pretty avid birder and try to get out as much as possible starting in May and through the summer.

I’ve always promised myself that I’ll learn to play the cello when I “retire.”

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Playing musicals and Beethoven on the piano; architectural and cultural photography; travelling in remote areas of Asia; meditating (but not enough of course); walking in the countryside; drinking tea and eating cake.

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@palebunny: What is the purpose of this survey?

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Teaching art history is my day job. Curling is my favorite extracurricular.

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@Mark: I love that visualization of Mingus's music!

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I do a weekly webcomic

Jason C

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Oh, and I write pangrams.

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What is the purpose of this survey?

Surely something fishy! Gathered enough sufficiently embarassing information, the image which constitutes the original post will be replaced with something malevolent, putting all typophiles to shame!

I'm kidding. Hope it's clear.

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Don't you just love a good conspiricy?

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I watch a lot of hockey. I also like cooking and making condiments and pickles.

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I can’t hold out any longer. Why is the posted question in the form of a picture and not simply typed? There’s nothing wrong with being paranoid when everyone is out to get you.

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Apart from the title, I only see some iced yellow frog, so what?

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I'm an avid squash player, and work out in the gym to stay in shape for it.

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One point to consider when posting as pictures, search engines won’t be able to find what you say.

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sometimes there are benefits to going incognito ;)

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...behind every bitmap a conspiracy. :-)

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@Craig: Curling is my favorite…

Ah yes, (like squash) some "poring" (of beer) involved.
Any imbibing in the board game scene, Thomas?

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I know that some cannot role-play without mass quantities of beer, but I've not been in a group that played that way.

I play Dungeons & Dragons monthly with a gaggle of software engineers that's been together nearly 20 years, and paint their lead figures in-between sessions. That certainly isn't my only extra-curricular activity.

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I make and write about bellydance costumes, shimmy myself once in a while, and sing, and photograph stage performers, and obsessively hunt for treasures in thrift shops.

Stage photo collections:

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Music and theatre. Acoustic guitar, voice and a bit of keyboards. Working very hard on part of a Bach Partita. Directing a play (Proof) at a theatre company in July. Active member of a local church community and do some teaching there. I also keep my calligraphic pen active and try to do some every day.

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Eating well - at home and in restaurants, music, reading, walking, cinema, travel and photography.

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I do a lot of reading, mostly fiction, but also sociology. I'm a big cartography fan (which of course also involves type...) and like to go for long walks. I watch a film or a documentary once in a while.

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Music -- I play bass and sing in 3 bands.

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Sew stuff. Backpacks, pouches, tarps, quilts and underquilts for hammocks, hammocks themselves, etc. That and other things related to a variety of outdoor pursuits. And then I go and try all those things out, which involves lots of hiking, orienteering, canoeing, biking, camping, etc.

Other than that, drawing, photography, cartography, reading (heaps), blogging, Lego...bunch of other things.

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Weed and work. but mostly work, sports when the weather allows.
although looking around it appears I've taken up growing plants too. I have a three year old bird of paradise on my desk that refuses to flower despite being four feet tall...

I'm impressed by the variety of hobbies everyone has, belly dancing to benchrest shooting.

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Agree with _leigh: I saw the belly dancing website, and saw dinazina's introductory video- gosh that headdress!

Speaking of Bach, I taught myself Bach's invention No 5 and Sinfonia 1 last year. I never got any good at it- nevertheless it was so very enjoyable.

Quite a few number of people are into plants- I used to have a large collection of carnivorous plants to which I would tend for grueling hours a week at one point.

And last winter I read all of Stieg Larsson's crime thrillers in a period of 30 days, which was very awful of me considering I was applying to graduate school!

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John: Funny you should mention Dominion. I did some work on tabbed dividers for use with that game, http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/63747/professionally-designed-horizont.... I used to play occasionally on BrettSpielWelt, but have not done so in at least a year now, as my older daughter can now play. So we can usually get two or three for a game without resorting to remote players.

I just found out that the Call of Cthulhu published campaign I contributed to is ranked #8 among all role-playing items ever created (over on RPGgeek.com). Cool. http://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/46443/the-complete-masks-of-nyarlathotep



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@palebunny: You are a fregging genius, Sir. This is so meta. I am having the greatest time reading this thread. Very cerebral and post ironic, or am I jaded?

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I own a small virtual farm, but I really don’t have time to tend to the crops.

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Maybe a post-modern Snoopy reference?

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I dedicate the majority of my time to college. Aside from that, I adore music and get new stuff everyday. I also love fragrances, and have amassed a sort of small collection. As of right now I have 13 full bottles, and around 75 samples. I enjoy photography, but where I live is quite stale and not at all photogenic. If I had time to go to places, even 10-15 minutes away, I'd be far more active. I'd also like a halfway decent camera, but it'll be awhile before I can get one. I've always been fascinated with nighttime and darkness, so if I had one that could take a decent night shot, I'd be on a cloud.

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I just found out that the Call of Cthulhu published campaign I contributed to is ranked #8 among all role-playing items ever created…

I just realized that in high school I often got in trouble for reading your CoC materials instead of paying attention.

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You just realized that now? :)

Yeah, my high school record was a bit... checkered as well. I did better in university.


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