Reinterpretation Vs. Copying

Hello dear typophiles community,

A client asked me to use a font for his logo that he found on dafont (doh…)
The one is "Little Days" and supposed to be freeware.
However, reading its comments I've discovered it's extremely similar to this commercial font Memimas.

Looking forward, I've fallen on this article by Luc Devroye. He claims it’s not a copy, but I must admit I find his arguments totally wrong.

I'd like to know your point of view. How would you understand the relation between "Little Days" and "Memimas"? Do you feel Devroye’s arguments are solid?

Thank you

PS: I do not know M. Devroye nor both fonts’ authors.

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That sounds to me like a vague guideline that is easily and often bent

Exactly as it is.

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