What's this sans-serif with e slanted in the middle?

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Hi All, pls help me to get the name of this font.

Thx, Bob

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I spent a lot of time looking at several sites and thousands of sans fonts. I never saw anything close. My suspicion is that there is a font with some alternate letters which don't usually show in 'test drives'. Do you have samples showing G, M and R?

Any clues about the age and origin of the sample?

- Mike Yanega

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here are some additional samples, as suggested. G was only in bold.

They are from a company leaflet from about mid last year. I tried to look up the most used production suites and even word processors, but without success. How is it with alternate letters? I suppose I can only look them up one by one, right?


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If it is from a company leaflet there is a chance that this is a custom corporate typeface, therefore not showing up in the usual places. Can you disclose the name of the company?

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If it’s a British company and it’s a custom font, you may want to check the fonts on http://www.daltonmaag.com/ – they do a lot of corporate typefaces.

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